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Sustainable development


Corsica's main assets are its exceptional landscape and its rich culture and traditions.


This is why the Hotel Les Mouettes has adopted a whole spectrum of environmentally friendly practices and measures to support sustainable agriculture, crafts, culture, the economy and employment in Corsica.

What we do for the environment


Since January 2015, the Hotel Les Mouettes has been a certified Green Key property, the leading environmental label in the field of hospitality.


This is a major reward for our efforts and commitments for a better environment :


Compensation of CO2 emissions, through financial support to the program:



Waste recycling of electronic appliances, batteries, paper and glass.


Use of environmentally-friendly household products (© Ecolabel).


High-performance, energy-saving insulation, lighting, heating and air conditioning systems.

Water-saving systems in the bathrooms.

Guest information on responsible use of linen and bath towels.

Our commitments for Corsica's sustainable development



We prioritise supply from local producers and farmers, who support organic or integrated agricultural practices (which tastes actually better, too!): winemakers, ranchers, butchers, cheese makers, market gardeners, etc.


Priority is also given to local talent and expertise: artisans, artists and Corsican entrepreneurs.


Corporate social responsibility: whenever possible, creating sustainable employment (yearly permanent contracts), continuous professional development and local recruitment.

Hôtel**** Demeure Les Mouettes 9, Cours Lucien Bonaparte 20000 Ajaccio Corsica (France)
Tél.: +33 (0)4 95 50 40 40 / Fax: +33 (0)4 95 21 71 80 - E-mail: